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The EVA Power Sticker

your solution to rising fuel costs

Did you know?

The average fuel costs for a driver is $2,600 a year! Your car also suffers from decreased engine performance, lower fuel efficiency and rising maintenance costs as the car ages.

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Simple and easy to install EVA Power


Asian-Made Cars

Paste the EVA Power™ Sticker on bonnet
facing engine in between 2 spark plugs.

Intercontinental Cars

Paste the EVA Power™ sticker on bonnet facing
V6/V8/V10/V12 engine in between 2 spark plugs

Individual installation instructions video available for majority of the branded car models

Sounds too good to be true? Find out...

The magic behind EVA-Power - the QAHE field


Based on Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect (QAHE) which was discovered by Harvard Physicist Dr Edwin Herbert Hall in 1881, EVA Power™ generates a frequency field which is able to align electron flow within the spark plug area for better ignition and smoother gear change.

From our Dynamometer tests from Monster Tune, UTM and our overseas test centres, users will experience better horsepower and torque. This can and will lead to fuel consumption savings when users leverage on this improved engine performance to achieve the same results with less fuel usage (i.e. same pickup speed achieved with lower RPM applied).

More horsepower and fuel consumption


The EVA-Power
Combustion Process

Step 1:

EVA Power™ aligns the electrical flow in the spark plug area, resulting in a stronger spark.

Step 2:

EVA Power™ breaks down air & fuel molecules for a more effective and efficient combustion.


100% risk-free. Does not harm your car engine.

The results don't lie...

Test results conducted on EVA-Power

EVA-Power™ has been rigorously tested and proven across multiple countries. We are partnered with accredited global institutions to prove that the technology is non-invasive, safe and cost-effective.

The findings prove that EVA-Power™ users will experience an upgrade in their engine performance and fuel-savings that go beyond any premium fuel upgrade.

Click below to view STA, ADC and UTM's reports


The First Test

On 7 March 2017, a dyno test was conducted on a Honda Accord 2.0L VTI-L (A) in University Technology Malaysia (UTM). The car was manufactured in 2011 and the total milleage used was 163,747km. A Mustang Dynamometer was used as the test equipment and the results across 3 days are shown in the table below.


Subsequent Testing

On 6 August 2017, further tests were conducted on a Toyota 1.6L Fuel Injection Engine, in University Technology Malaysia (UTM). The results were further improved, as shown in the charts below:


100% risk-free. Does not harm your car engine.

Don’t take our word for it...

See EVA Power’s effectiveness on different cars

Mercedes Benz C180

Horsepower increase: 2.13%

Torque increase: 3.4%

BMW 528

Horsepower increase: 2.56%

Torque increase: 7.87%

Peugeot 302

Horsepower increase: 5.33%

Torque increase: 3.88%

Hyundai Elantra

Horsepower increase: 5.78%

Torque increase: 5.16%

Honda Civic CV3

Horsepower increase: 3.13%

Torque increase: 0.64%

Manufacture Year: 2001

Mileage: 145,000 km

BMW 220

Horsepower increase: 2.54%

Torque increase: 2.98%

Manufacture Year: 2013

Mileage: 41,000 km

Honda Civic CV3

Horsepower increase: 6.62%

Torque increase: 5.33%

Manufacture Year: 2000

Mileage: 180,000 km

Ford MAV

Horsepower increase: 6.52%

Torque increase: 4.8%

Manufacture Year: 2001

Mileage: 240,000 km

BMW 318

Horsepower increase: 11.19%

Torque increase: 10.97%

Manufacture Year: 1997

Mileage: 385,000 km

BMW 330

Horsepower increase: 2.88%

Torque increase: 6.21%

Manufacture Year: 2010

Mileage: 112,000 km

Results may vary based on the car model and mileage.

Our raving fans’ share...

How EVA-Power create a new driving experience

Torque speed went up by almost 18%! I am
simply amazed by this simple-looking sticker!

Joey W
Proud Owner of Volkswagen GTI

I was initally doubtful that a mere car sticker without any external power source can make a difference for my 11 year old Honda Civic. I gave it a chance after understanding the technology more. Taking 3 fuel readings before and 3 fuel readings after installing Evapower, I was pleasantly surprised to have calculated a 15% fuel savings. It works.

David S
2007 Honda Civic 1.8L

It’s been a month since I started using EVA Power on my 20 year-old Mercedes. The engine is much smoother with lesser vibrations through the shifting of gears, and I can feel the power increase in the higher RPM ranges. With time the fuel consumption also dropped by around 10% or so.

Wayne K

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using EVA Power™?

QAHE technology promotes efficient combustion and smoother gear shift that will:

  • protect your engine and gearbox.
  • Give 10%-30% fuel savings while being safe and easy to install (stick-on the underside of the car bonnet).
  • No tampering and no modifications to your engine compartment.
  • Does not harm your engine nor voids engine warranty.


What vehicles can use EVA power™?

EVA Power™ can be used for all types of vehicles running on petrol or diesel. It is recommended to change EVA Power stickers once a year to ensure optimum fuel combustion and savings.

Who can use EVA Power™?

Drivers who want a wallet-friendly and non-invasive high-tech solution to:

  • Save fuel - Save $$
  • Enhance engine performance - Increase horsepower & torque
  • Protect your engine and gear box – smoother engine & gear shift
  • Go green & lower CO2 emission – due for vehicle inspection soon?


Where and how to install EVA power™?

EVA Power™ is a stick-on sticker meant to be placed on the underside of the car bonnet. A self- installation video is available for customers. You can also contact us for installation (Strictly by appointment only). Simply contact us at +65 9757 0071.


More than 1,000+ happy users

There are thousands of satisfied EVA Power™ users. 9 out of 10 users have reported tangible increase in smoothness of engine gear shift, higher torque (pickup) and increase in horsepower within a day. EVA Power™ users also experience fuel savings from the 1st tank refuel onwards, with the greatest fuel savings being experienced on the 3rd tank refuel.

Get up to $1,000 of fuel savings at just $120 per year!