Automobile exhaust emission test

Conducting STA Emission Tests

EVA Power gives your car a cleaner and more efficient combustion. By running the STA emission tests on cars, we can tell whether your vehicle's engine is achieving complete or incomplete combustion.

In complete combustion, the fuels burns and produces a limited number of products.  When a hydrocarbon burns in oxygen, the reaction will primarily yield carbon dioxide and water. But when incomplete combustion occurs, carbon and carbon monoxide are the products instead of carbon dioxide.

Two byproducts of incomplete combustion, are namely Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbon (HC).


Emission readings before and after EVA stickers were installed


STA Emission Base Test

Honda Jazz

Reference No: LB180906120

HC CO % CO2 % O2 %
BEFORE 11 0.16 14.69 0.15
AFTER 0 0.01 15.17 0.04

STA Emission Base Test

Land Rover

Reference No: LA181003076

HC CO % CO2 % O2 %
BEFORE 11 0 15.95 0
AFTER 0 0 15.89 0

STA Emission Results for EVA Power Cars

Byproducts of Combustion