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Arthur Choo needs no introduction, as he has successfully permeated the Singapore social scape with music, being Founder of BEAT'ABOX as well as being an actor (managed by Ahundred Ants), performing artiste and an upcoming author. He recently had his appearance in China's variety show, Birth of A Star, and on a local Kids Channel on television. In recent months, Arthur has also had forays into English language and Chinese-language TV drama series in Singapore.


When I first met Arthur in my office, admittedly I found him a little over the top. Vocal, youthful and dramatic, there is nothing actually wrong with the first impression he exudes. If he lacks that Charisma or X-factor in the demanding business, arts and entertainment scene in Singapore, he might just disengage his audience that he worked so hard to captivate.

So I scratched beneath the surface and found that Arthur could engage an entire crowd, as he is able to do a one-to-one. While he inundated me with a bit of teehee and haha (I will never forget how he responded with open arms: "Hey, I'm your content" when I introduced myself as the content writer), he now mellows a little as he spoke about the challenges he faced, and how he rebound from them. If he had sat in his failures, we might not have Arthur Choo today.


Rejected While a Teenager

Due to health issues he experienced as a teenager, the adrenalin-filled Arthur did not succeed in his foray into sports. Hence, he redirected himself and found the outlet in music.

He says: "I had a year of rejected dreams. There was slight depression, but I bounced back, and changed my broken dream into something else."

Resilient, he began by drumming rubbish bins which were quite in vogue back then, participating in Chingay. Subsequently, he would take on more professional training by traveling to learn drums from the gurus. The rest, as they say, is history.

In a few years, Arthur would face another setback. This time it is more serious, for he incurred S$37,400 in debt, which caused him to "nearly jump down". He rebounded to get his business on-track again, with loans and a guarantor.

Entrepreneurship with SAVCON

Since much has been covered about Arthur in the press, we fast forward to September 2018 to find out more about his latest enterprise, SAVCON.

"It's rather amusing because I was always seen as the right brain guy. Now, with entrepreneurship, I get to use my left brain too, I hope."

"Entrepreneurship is about character. It's about finding a common denominator to link individuals together. To me, it's not just about finding the right product, because no matter how hard you search, there's always another unique product.

"Why I say it's about character is that you have to constantly innovate, to poke yourself to find sustainable options in our global warming age, to constantly upgrade. Now, I hardly have time to eat," he says.

Arthur is CEO & Co-Founder of SAVCON. His vast range of talent and interest from sports and music now materializes in green technologies. Arthur, together with teammates Tiger Soh, Dr Steve, Leroy Hsu and Joviet Han from SAVCON Group now produces consumer products such as Eva Power™. This car sticker, an electron vibration alignment field, helps drivers save money on fuel yet increase their horsepower. Eva Charge™ is the laptop sticker equivalent, to optimise 50%-200% the battery of the laptop.

In an entrepreneurial sense, Arthur gives back to society in positive disruptive innovation with a sought-after product that every driver, including Grab and taxi drivers, and anyone who owns a laptop will need.

He comments: "We have to save petrol and lower its cost, for this leads to lower transportation costs. At the same time, we should improve the automotive standards with better combustion.

Not bad Arthur, not bad indeed.

This article was published on the Facets Magazine
in Singapore, September 2018 issue.