EVA Power


Increase your car’s horsepower while saving petrol and engine heat.

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  • Increases up to 3% Horse Power
  • Increases Torque, Engine and Crank Power
  • Saves up to 20% Fuel (Save Money)
  • Reduces Engine Heat up to 30%
  • Smoothens Engine Performance
  • Reduces CO2 Emission and Air Pollution



EVA POWER uses EVA Field Technology which is also known as TESTA ENERGY that will streamline FUEL molecules laterally with AIR molecules for a more complete and rapid combustion.

EVA POWER generates a Frequency Field named EVA field, which is able to penetrate through plastic and metal surfaces up to a distance of 600 – 800mm (60 to 80cm). Facing downwards position to the engine combustion area to give a complete breakdown of both the FUEL and AIR molecules.


EVA POWER is PATENTED using EVA Field Technology

EVA Power will not affect the integrity of the car engine because it uses Frequency Field to align molecules for rapid combustion

  • Safe and Easy to Stick-on (underside of the car bonnet)
  • No tampering and no modification to your engine compartment
  • Does not harm your engine
  • Does not void car warranty

(Illustrations on different car models are available in website link)

Instantaneously, drivers will be able to feel a smoother gear-shift and greater responsiveness in car acceleration. Overall improvement for engine performance is achieved through the use of EVA POWER.

Subsequent EXTRA mileages travelled will show significant FUEL SAVING after the 3rd Full Fuel Tanks.


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